Automatic Online Payment Program through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

To enroll in EFT, have your bank account information handy. Personal auto customers can visit Manage Your Policy to enroll. All other policyholders can call the customer service number for your state on the Contact Us page.

When you sign up for the automatic online payment program through EFT, you can forget about checks and service fees. We’ll withdraw your automatic payments online right from your checking or savings account.

In addition to simplifying the payment process, EFT offers the maximum amount of payment installments, which means you’ll have the lowest possible monthly payments. If you carry a six-month policy, you can schedule automatic EFT payments in five installments. Twelve-month policies can be paid over eleven installments.

If you’d like to forget about the possibility of ever missing a payment, EFT automatic bill payment is a great option. We’ll even send reminders in advance of your scheduled payment date so you can make sure you have sufficient funds in your account. And if you’d like to cancel EFT , you can simply contact your financial institution up to three days in advance of your scheduled date of transfer.

EFT — set it and forget it!

If you need additional information about EFT or how to enroll you can visit our Contact Us page.