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Massachusetts Motorcycle Insurance - Plymouth Rock

Hit the open road on your motorcycle and you’ll feel the engine’s vibration in your bones and the wind on your face. With quality insurance, you’ll also feel confidence. Massachusetts motorcycle insurance through Plymouth Rock Assurance can help you feel the security that comes with reliable coverage for yourself and your bike.

Protecting your two-wheeled ride with insurance isn’t that different from protecting your car, but it’s still a special kind of necessary insurance. This insurance helps you comply with state laws, can help to protect your personal assets and can satisfy loan requirements if you financed the purchase of your motorcycle. And, it does all this for less than you might think.

The Basics

Massachusetts requires that motorcycle riders purchase certain coverages and minimum limits. Accidents do happen, and these coverages and minimums help ensure that you and your assets are protected, up to the specified limits.

However, these minimums may not be sufficient for everyone and there are typically other coverages available so you can maximize your protection. Some riders opt to extend their coverage by purchasing comprehensive and collision coverages for their bikes. These coverages are similar to those offered for passenger cars and help protect you against things like theft, weather damage and parking-lot fender benders.

It’s also important to know that if you financed the purchase of your motorcycle, your lender may require you to purchase certain coverages.

Covering your Upgrades

Some riders spend a lot of time and effort to make their motorcycle their own with aftermarket upgrades, customizations and accessories. Be sure to ask your insurance professional about the options that are available to cover these upgrades and what best suites your situation.

Finding the Right Policy for You

Whether you're a weekend warrior, a daily motorcycle commuter, or something in between, Plymouth Rock can help you find the best motorcycle policy for you.

Call 855-993-4470 or find a local independent agent to learn about Massachusetts motorcycle insurance available from Plymouth Rock. For more information, visit our Contact Us page.