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eReminders for Massachusetts Drivers – Plymouth Rock Assurance

Forget to renew your Massachusetts license? Missed an inspection? Plymouth Rock Assurance can help!

Plymouth Rock offers free email reminders before your Massachusetts driver’s license, vehicle registration and car inspection expire. Ask us to remind you of these important events!

We will send an email to remind you when your Massachusetts:

  • License renewal is due
  • Registration expires
  • Car inspection expires

Email reminders are sent approximately 30 days before expiration when you sign up for eReminders. It's free, easy to do and available to all Massachusetts drivers, even those who aren’t Plymouth Rock Assurance customers.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Plymouth Rock eReminders today.

More than just insurance. Plymouth Rock Assurance. We’re here to make your life easier.

You can also sign up for other email reminders that will help save you time and protect you and your family:

*Available only to Massachusetts residents.

Get your free quote online or find a local agent, and if you need additional information about Plymouth Rock eReminders, you can visit our Contact Us page or call 855-993-4470.