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Cheapest Car Insurance Isn't Always Best In MA

When was the last time you reviewed your auto insurance coverage? If it's been more than a year, now is a good time to make sure your policy still suits your needs and that you're taking advantage of all available discounts for which you may be eligible. You may think that you just need the least expensive coverage, but it’s important to know that the cheapest car insurance isn’t always best when it comes to protecting yourself on the road. That’s because it doesn't always provide you with the protection you truly need—which could leave you in a difficult spot if you're ever in an accident or otherwise need to file a claim.

As a Massachusetts driver, having peace of mind behind the wheel means carrying the best coverage that is perfectly suited for your needs—whether you park your car in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, or anywhere in between. At the same time, nobody wants to spend more than they need to on their car insurance. After all, it’s one of those things you hope you never actually have to use.

Get The Best Quality For Your Budget

Rather than shopping around for the absolute cheapest policy premium for your car insurance, you'll be better off shopping for a policy that gives you the best quality for your budget. This means not only finding a policy that has the liability, property damage, and comprehensive coverage you're looking for—but choosing a carrier that prides itself in excellent customer service, quick and easy claims, and a long-standing reputation for great options to protect you and your vehicle.

Before you begin shopping, familiarize yourself with the state's minimum requirements and additional coverage types and benefits that you may want to consider.

State Minimum Coverage
As with all states, Massachusetts sets its own laws and regulations when it comes to how much auto insurance drivers are required to carry. Proof of this "state-minimum" or compulsory coverage amount is required in order to legally register a new vehicle or renew the registration on an existing vehicle.

In MA, drivers are required to carry insurance for the following:

• Bodily Injury to Others (injury or death) caused by the operation of your vehicle. Minimum coverage is $20,000 per person and $40,000 total per incident. This does not cover accidents that occur outside of Massachusetts.

• Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which provides reimbursement for medical expenses, replacement services, and up to 75% of lost wages as a result of an injury, regardless of who is at-fault. Minimum coverage of $8,000. This covers you, anyone you let drive your car, anyone living in your household, your passengers and pedestrians.

• Bodily Injury Caused by an Uninsured Auto, which offers protection if you're involved in an accident with another driver who flees the scene, doesn't carry insurance, or is underinsured. Minimum coverage of $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident. Covers you, anyone you let drive your car, your household members, and passengers.

• Property Damage Liability coverage, which provides payment when you or another driver covered under your policy causes damage to another person's property (vehicle or otherwise). Minimum requirement of $5,000 per accident.

Additional Coverage Options

Outside of the state's legal requirements for the insurance you have for your auto, there are some additional options you may want to consider to provide the protection you need rather than just the cheapest option which could cost you much more in the long run. In addition, you may actually be required to carry by your auto lender or lessor. If your vehicle was financed (either as a lease or purchase) and you're still making payments for it, your lender or lessor most likely requires you to carry coverage for physical damage to your car. These are some types that are available and are optional:

• Increased limits for Bodily Injury to Others
• Increased limits for Bodily Injury Caused by an Uninsured or Underinsured Auto.
• Bodily Injury Coverage for accidents that occur outside of Massachusetts.
• Medical Payments, which offers extra protection above the mandatory PIP coverage for funeral services and/or necessary medical services resulting from an accident.
• Collision, which will pay for repairs to your vehicle if you're in an accident, subject to a deductible.
• Comprehensive, which covers other causes of damage to your vehicle, such as hail damage or shattered auto glass caused by a vehicle break-in, subject to a deductible.
• Substitute Transportation, which will pay or reimburse you for a rental car or other temporary form of transportation while your vehicle is in the shop for covered repairs.
• Towing and Labor, which will pay for the cost of towing your car to a repair shop when it cannot be driven due to an accident or break-down.
Available limits for these types of coverage can vary and can be customized to meet your needs. If you're looking to purchase additional coverage (beyond Massachusetts state minimum) because you're required to by your lender or lessor, be sure to check with your lender to find out exactly what kind of coverage you need and in what amounts.

Of course, each of these coverages is subject to important conditions and exclusions that are described in the policy contract. Plymouth Rock and its independent agents would be happy to provide more details about the coverage options that would benefit you.

Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

As you shop for auto insurance quotes, make sure you're requesting them for exactly what you need—and make sure you're comparing apples to apples as you evaluate quotes from different companies. Remember that at the end of the day, it's worth paying a little more for the right coverage from a reputable and experienced insurance company in Massachusetts, rather than settling for cheap auto insurance that lacks what you need.**

Plymouth Rock Coverage Options for Massachusetts Drivers

Our team at Plymouth Rock Assurance takes great pride in offering Massachusetts drivers the quality coverage and other benefits they deserve at competitive pricing. We offer a few programs that set us apart and give you even more confidence behind the wheel.

Road Rewards®
Our Road Rewards program is an optional program that allows Massachusetts policyholders to earn rewards for their safe driving habits on a daily basis. The Road Rewards app gathers details on driver performance and awards points for safe driving that can be redeemed for movie tickets, Amazon gift cards, fuel purchases, and more. For more information, click here

Get Home Safe®
We're all about preventing accidents—not just responding to them after the fact. That's why we include our Get Home Safe benefit with all Massachusetts auto insurance policies. Whether you're simply too tired to drive or have had a little too much to drink, we'll cover your taxi or car service ride home (up to $50) as a one-time courtesy per year, and your rates won't be affected.

Door-to-Door Valet Claim Service®You already have enough stress in your life immediately following an auto accident. Our optional Door-to-Door Valet Claim service aims to make things a little easier on you. As your claim is processed, we'll handle everything from picking up your car and transporting it to the Door-to-Door® repair shop of your choice, to bringing it back to you once repairs are complete. If you have rental coverage, we'll even handle securing your rental car and getting it to you. Repairs made by a Door-to-Door shop are guaranteed for as long as you own or lease your car. 

The Bottom Line

Because insurance offering the cheapest rate may not be the best for you because the coverage is not adequate to protect you in the case of an unfortunate event on the road, we are happy to find you the right coverage, for the optimal price. Our team at Plymouth Rock is here to take the stress out of choosing the best car insurance policy. Contact us today to find out more about these coverages and benefits and what we can do for you!

Call 855-993-4470, get your free quote online, or find a local agent to find out more about how the cheapest car insurance isn't always best in Massachusetts. If you need additional information you can visit our Contact Us page.