Older man sitting in cars driver seat looking out window

Senior Driving Safety Tips

Plymouth Rock Assurance provides senior driving safety tips to help keep you driving for as long as is safely possible.

Safe Driving Basics

Even though you may have been driving for years, safe driving is a continual effort that requires your full attention 100% of the time.

It never hurts to brush up on the basics of safety on the road: remember to always wear your seat belt for every trip, no matter the length; refrain from using a cellphone while driving; never drink and drive; map your destination before heading out.

You can also consider taking a state-approved defensive driving course, which can help you to maintain your safe driving skills. Completing these courses can help you lower your Plymouth Rock auto policy premium.

Making Adjustments to Drive Safely

You may have age-related physical or health changes that require adjustments to your driving habits as you get older. If you don’t already, consider getting your hearing and vision checked once a year to help you maintain quick reflexes. And, check with your doctor to see if any prescription medications can impair your ability to drive.

Driving in gridlock is stressful at any age. Avoid traffic by taking short trips during daylight hours that are less busy.

Keeping physically fit can help to make driving easier. If you think pain or stiffness is affecting how you drive, work with your doctor on a solution.

Plymouth Rock also provides winter driving safety tips and car safety tips for drivers of all ages.

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