Five Tips to Curb Road Rage

If you’re like most drivers, chances are you’ve experienced aggressive driving. From insulting gestures to physical altercations, dangerous decisions plague our roads.

The next time you’re feeling stressed behind the wheel or find yourself in the vicinity of an aggressive driver remember these tips to help defuse the situation:

  • Check Your Pride When the Seatbelt Clicks: The goal is always to reach your destination safely. There’s no need to win or prove anything along the way.
  • “Be My Guest”: Make this philosophy from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety your automatic response to other drivers who seem eager to get out in front.
  • Stay Calm: Optimize your mindset by leaving early, adjusting your seat to the perfect position, and setting a comfortable climate. Soothing music has also been linked to stress relief.
  • Avoid Eye Contact: Locking eyes with an aggressive driver can escalate an impersonal incident between two vehicles into a personal conflict.
  • The Golden Rule: Driving courteously can help avoid provoking aggressive behavior from other drivers.

If you experience aggressive driving behavior or road rage, pull over to a safe area and contact the authorities. Remember, your report can help prevent a future tragedy. By following these pointers and making a commitment against distracted driving, we can all Get Home Safe®.

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