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Do It Yourself Car Care and Save!

Is your transmission slipping?

Save $1,800 - $3,500

No one wants an auto repair expense caused by a slipping transmission. You can reduce or even avoid such repairs if you learn to recognize early signs such as these below.

  1. Delay in acceleration. When placing your car into gear, there is a delay before the car begins accelerating.
  2. Delay in shifting. In moving forward, there is a delay in the shifting of your transmission to the next gear.
  3. Higher engine RPM's. As you accelerate, your car engine's RPM (revolutions per minute) are higher than normal.

3 Easy Steps: Change a Headlight Bulb

For up to only $5

  1. Open the hood and look behind the headlight assembly. You should only have to turn a retainer clip that holds the bulb in place. After the retainer clip is removed, carefully pull on the bulb. It may seem a little snug because of the rubber O-ring gasket that keeps it tight.
  2. Once the bulb is removed, lift up on the clips that hold the wiring harness to the bulb. Remove and replace the bulb. Do not touch the glass part of the new bulb, this will shorten the life.
  3. Reverse procedure to reinstall.

Replacing Your Own Windshield Wipers*
Save $30
What You'll Need:
Screwdriver & Wiper Blades(s)

Estimated Costs:
- Do-It-Yourself Costs: Estimated $13.46 (parts-only)
- Shop Costs: Estimated $47.50 (parts and labor)

  1. Check your owner’s manual (or auto supply store) for correct size blades to purchase for your car.
  2. Turn the spring loaded wiper arm up. Make sure that you have pulled the arm enough so that it stays in position without banging back on the windshield.
  3. Shove the release pin and take the blade assembly away from the wiper arm.
  4. Now take the new wiper blade and glide it onto the arm. Put the clip into the hook until you hear the click sound. Put the wiper arm back onto the windshield and use the same procedure for the other wiper arm.
  5. Open the hood and examine the windshield washer reservoir. Check the working of the new wiper blades by turning the switch on.

Do You Know?

Q: How often do you think tires should be rotated?
A: Every other oil change, which is 7,000-10,000 miles

The statements made are not a substitute for what might be set forth in any manuals that describe the features, operation, or maintenance of your auto or home appliances and machines. In addition, the statements made are helpful suggestions and not a substitute for what a trained mechanic might recommend. If there is any discrepancy between the information in this communication and what is set forth in any manuals or stated by any trained mechanic, what is set forth in any manuals or stated by any trained mechanic shall govern.


*On average. Based on vehicle and location.

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