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The Importance of Checking Your Emissions

Car emissions pollute the air we breathe with carbon monoxide particles creating major respiratory health risks. Over 18 million adults and 7 million children in the US (8.2% of the total population) now suffer from asthma. Car emissions also release hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides into the atmosphere, depleting the planet’s protective ozone layer. This, in turn, has spiked a rise in skin cancer and cataracts.

The purpose of having an emission test done on your vehicle is to see the amount of pollutants it produces. With these tests, it can help to lower the pollutants your vehicle releases and can help the air quality of the environment. The emission test has repeatable and comparable measurements of exhaust emissions for different engines and vehicles. These tests are done in cycles, which can specify a set of very specific conditions that the engine is operating at. Specified parameters in a test cycle can include a range of conditions, such as operating temperature, load, and speed. These tests are performed to simulate any real world conditions that your vehicle may encounter.

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