21st Century Customer FAQs - Plymouth Rock Assurance

Who is Plymouth Rock? Why is Plymouth Rock now my insurance company?

Plymouth Rock recently entered into an agreement with your current insurance company - 21st Century Insurance – to acquire and service 21st Century’s New York personal auto insurance business.  As of your next renewal, Plymouth Rock will be handling/administering your policy.  Plymouth Rock has been servicing auto insurance in states across the northeast for over 30 years, and we strive to provide the best combination of policy and claims services.  We are very excited to have the opportunity to service your policy.

Please note, effective December 7, 2018, 21st Century National Auto Insurance Company changed its name to Plymouth Rock Assurance Preferred Corporation. The 21st Century Advantage Insurance Company and 21st Century North America Insurance Company names have not changed.

Who do I call for help with my policy?

You can call either Plymouth Rock or 21st Century Insurance during this transition period, and we will make sure that your inquiry will be handled with the best possible service.  If there is a change you would like to make on your policy, Plymouth Rock will update your renewal policy and facilitate changes to your current policy term.

If it’s almost time for your renewal and you have not received the renewal offer for your upcoming policy term, you can call one of the numbers below and your renewal packet will be sent again through the mail:

o    Plymouth Rock Customer Solutions: 844-208-1932

o    21st Century Customer Services: 800-241-1188

Does this mean that the price of my policy has changed?

The transition to Plymouth Rock will not affect the price of your renewal policy.  The price of your renewal policy will be the same that it would have been if your renewal was being handled by 21st Century.  The price will be based on 21st Century’s rate filing.  In fact, for at least the next policy term, the underwriting company name on your policy will continue to be a 21st Century.  Of course, your premium may change if you adjust information on your policy or if there were changes to 21st Century’s rate filing since your last policy renewal that affect you, but there is no additional cost associated with Plymouth Rock administering your policy.

Do I have all of the same coverages?

For your next renewal, the auto policy forms and coverages that you had with 21st Century Insurance will be the same with Plymouth Rock unless you choose to make changes.  You will have all of the same discounts, listed drivers, vehicles and pay plan options that you had with 21st Century Insurance. When you receive your renewal policy packet and welcome letter, you will also receive a new insurance identification card for the upcoming policy term.

How do I make a change to my auto policy?

If you would like to make a change to your auto policy, you can do so through a variety of ways.  You can call, fax, or email 21st Century to request a change to your current policy term.  21st Century will communicate with Plymouth Rock to update your renewal policy. 

You also can call, fax, or email Plymouth Rock directly, and we will update your renewal policy term and make sure to connect you with a 21st Century Insurance representative to make the change on your current policy term. 

In the near future, you will not be able to log-in to your existing 21stCentury Insurance eservice account. Instead, you will need to create a new eServices account on the Plymouth Rock website.

Are you accepting new customers in New York?

Plymouth Rock is currently only servicing existing policies that had previously been administered by 21st Century Insurance.  While we are not accepting new customers at this time, we do hope to begin accepting new customers in New York within the next year.

What do I do if I want to cancel this policy and go with a company that I more familiar with?

We hope that you will reconsider that decision, but if you are sure that you would like to cancel your policy you can have your new insurance company contact Plymouth Rock via email at eservice@plymouthrock.com or fax at 617-951-1021.  We will cancel your policy upon the inception date of your policy with your new insurance carrier.

Who do I call with questions regarding an existing claim or to file a new claim?

If the claim that you are reporting occurred while your policy was serviced directly by 21st Century, you can call 21st Century at 888-824-6163 and the claims department will assist you with that claim until it is closed. You can also file your claim online at www.21st.com.

If the claim you are reporting occurred after your policy renewed with Plymouth Rock, you can call Plymouth Rock at 844-208-1933, and we will assist you with your claim until it is closed.  You can also go to Plymouth Rock.com/mypolicy to file a claim.

Don’t worry – if you are unsure which company to call, you can call either and we will make sure you are directed to the right place.

I was involved in an accident with someone insured by 21 Century Insurance.  Where should I file a claim?

If you were involved in an accident with a New York resident insured by 21st Century National Insurance Company, 21st Century North America Insurance Company, or 21st Century Advantage Insurance Company, and your auto insurance is not also with one of those companies, you may call 844-208-1933 to report the loss. You may also want to file the claim with your own company and you should provide the company with the information of the 21st Century Insurance policy-holder.

How do I make payments?

You have a variety of options to make payments to your auto policy.  If you are making a payment on your policy that is serviced directly by 21st Century, you can call 21st Century Insurance (800-241-1188) or go to www.21st.com.

If you are making a payment on your renewal policy that was issued by Plymouth Rock, you can call Plymouth Rock at 844-208-1932 or go to PlymouthRock.com/quickpay.  If you are unsure of which company to call, you can call either company and you will be directed to the right place to make a payment. 

If you would prefer to send in your payment through the mail, please send your payment to:

Plymouth Rock Assurance
Payment Processing Center
PO BOX 55933
Boston, MA 02205-5933

If you are mailing a payment on your current policy to 21st Century, please send your payment to:

Insurance Payment Processing Center
PO BOX 7247-0302
Philadelphia, PA 19170-0302

Can I still keep my existing online profile?

Your eservice profile for 21st Century Insurance is still available to view your current term billing status, but you will no longer be able to make changes through your current 21st Century Insurance eservice account.

You will be sent a link in an email to create an eservice profile on PlymouthRock.com/eservices.  Once you have created an eservice account with Plymouth Rock, you will be able to view your billing status, request pay plan changes, order a copy of an identification card, request documents, file a claim, or check the status of a current claim.