Comparing Teachers Insurance Rates in New Jersey


Comparing teachers insurance rates in New Jersey may help save you money, but you’ll find that rates can vary greatly by carrier. That’s because insurance companies focus on different customer segments and look at different rating factors when determining your insurance premium.

You’ll also find that not all insurance coverage is equal. If you’re shopping for car insurance, be sure to compare more than just the price. Exact coverage amounts and limits may not be the same. That could mean lower coverage levels in exchange for a lower rate.

With Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ, you won’t have to compromise. We have exclusive rates for New Jersey teachers and a host of discounts to help you save even more money. While some companies may extend discounts to educators, Teachers’ Insurance focuses only on insuring members of the state’s educational community and their families. If you work for, or are retired from, an accredited school district or diocese, you may be able to save on your car insurance policy with Teachers' Insurance.

After checking out rates, you’ll also want to consider additional benefits and services. These are special programs that go beyond your insurance coverage to make your life easier. We have perks tailored just for teachers. Among them are:

  • At School Zero Deductibles: If you’re unfortunately involved in an accident or incident on school property or while traveling to a school-sanctioned event in an official capacity, we’ll waive your comprehensive and collision deductibles. Plus, you’ll get up to $1,000 in coverage to replace school property that is lost or stolen from your insured vehicle.
  • Roadside Assistance: Cars break down, batteries die and tires go flat. With Teachers’ Insurance, you won’t be stranded on the side of the road. We’ll lend you a hand, day or night, anywhere in the United States.
  • Claim Service Options: With our Door to Door Valet Claims Service®, we’ll take care of everything on your behalf. Or, we can send one of our Crashbusters® vans right to you and, in many cases, give you a check on the spot.

You can also read information about what to keep in mind when shopping from a teachers insurance company and learn more about homeowners insurance for teachers.  If you want to learn more details about what it is like to get a teachers insurance policy click here.

Get your exclusive rate with an online car insurance quote from the Teachers Insurance Plan of NJ or call 844-232-2728; additional information can be found on our Contact Us page.