Getting Your Auto Insurance from a Teachers Insurance Company in New Jersey


A teacher’s job is never done. Just as you’re always there for your students, your car insurance company should be there for you.

Why not get your insurance from Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ — the only auto insurance company to exclusively serve the state’s educational community and their families. Our insurance is created just for teachers and we have special benefits for your unique needs.

If you work for or are retired from a school district or diocese, or a higher education institution, you may be eligible for Teacher’s Insurance and should consider the benefits of getting your auto insurance from an insurance company for teachers in New Jersey.

We have exclusive rates just for teachers

At Teachers’ Insurance, you’ll find special rates just for educators. We believe you’re particularly responsible people and by focusing only on members of the educational community, we end up with lower costs. Those savings are passed along to you. Plus, we have lots of great discounts to help you lower your rate even more.  Click here to learn more about the discounts we offer to teachers.

We have perks designed just for teachers

As a Teachers’ Insurance customer, you’ll enjoy special perks like At School Zero Deductibles, roadside assistance and your choice of claims options.

We help you understand your car insurance

While we cover the basics of car insurance for teachers, we also have experienced insurance professionals available by phone to guide you through your insurance purchase and explain everything.  Read more about the basics of car insurance for teachers.

We give back to New Jersey’s educational system

We provide grants and scholarships to school districts; have donated more than $180,000 to New Jersey schools and school districts since 2007; and we support safety organizations by working with Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25® to reduce speeding in residential areas and school zones.

If you’re interested in auto insurance from an insurance company for teachers, get your free insurance quote online or call 844-232-2728 to speak with a Teachers’ Insurance adviser.