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What Discounts Can New Jersey Teachers Get On Car Insurance?

What Discounts Can New Jersey Teachers Get On Car Insurance?

At Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ, we know that educators are an important part of New Jersey’s communities. We have a deep appreciation for what teachers do and offer this special group of people exclusive rates, unique programs and discounts on car insurance. 

If you are a member of the educational community in New Jersey, you might be wondering: what discounts can New Jersey teachers get on car insurance? Here are just some of the ways that Teachers’ Insurance can help you save: 

  • Exclusive Rates — We have car insurance rates that are lower than most other companies because we focus only on insuring members of New Jersey’s educational community and their families. You’re set up to save money right from the start! 
  • Defensive Driving Discount — You can lower your car insurance premium if you’ve taken a New Jersey-approved defensive driving course in the past three years. If you haven’t taken one, invest a few hours next time you have time off and see the difference it makes on the cost of your auto insurance. 
  • Claim-Experience Discounts — If you have no or limited claims experience on your policy in the past five years, you could save. 
  • Health Care Primary — By selecting the Health Care Primary option for your auto policy, you can lower your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) premium by up to 25% on each insured automobile. Learn more about the program and eligibility. 
  • Companion Home Policy Discount — You may be eligible to save by bundling your auto insurance with a homeowners or renters policy through Teachers’ Insurance. 


These are just a few of the discounts offered by Teachers’ Insurance that help you save on your car insurance. There are many more ways to lower your premium, plus special programs designed just for teachers. Learn more about the teachers car insurance company by clicking here and find out how we can help you save today! 

Find out how much you can save on your car insurance by getting a free car insurance quote online or by calling 844-232-2728; additional information can be found on our Contact Us page.