Are You a Teacher? Tips to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium


As an educator in New Jersey, you may qualify for exceptional car insurance rates and services through Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ. You’ll get a head start on savings through our exclusive rates for teachers, and then be able to take advantage of our many other ways to save on auto insurance. Here are a few tips to lower your car insurance premium:


Lower your car insurance premium by taking advantage of great discounts offered by Teachers’ Insurance. From savings for taking state-approved defensive driving courses to bundling your insurance policies, there are many ways to save. Take a look at the car insurance discounts offered by Teachers’ Insurance.

Pay Your Premium in Advance

You can save on your Teachers’ Insurance auto policy by paying your premium in full prior to the due date. The discount is available for both new customers and those renewing their policy.

Raise Your Deductible

Your insurance deductible is the out-of-pocket expense you pay before your insurance coverage begins. By raising your car insurance deductible, you will pay less for your insurance up front, but will pay more in the event of an accident. Lowering your deductible typically raises your upfront expense, but lowers your out-of-pocket cost following accidents. Either way, you’ll need to find the amount that’s right for your budget and driving habits.

Choose the Health Care Primary Option

You can lower the Personal Injury Protection portion of your auto insurance premium by up to 25% on each insured car with the Health Care Primary option. This option is available to anyone who currently has health insurance* and allows you to use your regular medical provider following an accident. Plus, Plymouth Rock will cover you if your health carrier won’t provide coverage for your auto accident.

You can discuss all of these money-saving options with an experienced insurance professional by calling 844-232-2728 or get a free car insurance quote online; additional information can be found on our Contact Us page.

* Does not include health insurance that is provided through Medicare, Medicaid or a Federal Employee Health Care Plan.