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At Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ, we recognize the importance of the educational community, and we are proud to offer car insurance exclusively to this special group of people. We love to find ways to support and show appreciation for the hard-working educators of the Garden State.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Each May, Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ joins the nation in celebrating US Teacher Appreciation Week. Whether it’s by way of a video that invites employees, parents or kids across the state to pay tribute to that important educator in their life, or through an award recognizing the contribution of a very special teacher, we always strive to do our part to support the men and women who work so hard to enrich the lives of our next generation.

This spring we invited thousands of people across the state to nominate their colleagues and friends to be recognized for their exemplary contributions in teaching. This year’s winning teacher, Barbara Heller, was presented her award in a surprise assembly at Grandview Elementary in Piscataway, NJ. Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ was there to celebrate her achievement and to present the school’s faculty with a $5,000 check to upgrade their teachers’ lounge.

Teacher Week at the Beach

Each year Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ sponsors Teacher Week at the Beach at Jenkinson’s Beach and Boardwalk in Point Pleasant. Recent years have seen over 4,000 registrants. Don’t miss the next one! Follow the Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ Facebook page to learn about event dates and registration details when they are announced.

Educator Wellness Week

Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ, NJASA and many other proud sponsors were proud to sponserEducator Wellness Week in May! The mission of this event is to raise awareness and stimulate action toward greater organizational health and faculty wellness throughout the state of New Jersey. We care about our NJ teachers. When schools invest in educator wellness, students and teachers win! Stay tuned for future wellness events by following Teachers’ Insurance Plan social media, or by subscribing to the NJ Teachers’ Lounge newsletter.

NJ Teachers’ Lounge

Stay up-to-date on NJ teacher events, classroom ideas, teacher news and tips from other educators in the state, and sign up for a chance to win with our monthly giveaways with the Plymouth Rock Teachers' Lounge! Keep up to date with great educator blogs and events by subscribing to the twice-monthly NJ Teachers’ Lounge newsletter here.

NJ Teachers’ Lounge Pinterest

Follow the NJ Teachers’ Lounge Pinterest page for curated and custom content that supports New Jersey Educators. Our boards are full of inspirational ideas and hacks tailored to your lifestyle and career for the purpose of solving your unique challenges.

Which one of your teachers inspired you? Help us recognize all of those committed educators by thanking them on social media using the hashtag #ThankYourTeacher.

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