At School Zero Deductibles


If your car spends a considerable amount of time on school property and en route to school functions, Teachers’ Insurance is for you. Because we value the service of New Jersey’s educators and school employees, we take the worry out of navigating sometimes hectic school parking lots and roadways by waiving your out-of-pocket deductible.

In the unfortunate event you are involved in an accident on school property, your car is vandalized on school property, or you experience an incident while traveling to a school sanctioned event (e.g., sporting events or Back to School Night) in an official capacity, you will not be responsible for your comprehensive or collision deductibles through Teachers’ Insurance.

Plus, we’ll provide up to $1,000 in coverage to replace school property that is lost or stolen from your insured vehicle.

Teachers’ Insurance benefits, including At School Zero Deductibles and First Class Roadside Assistance, are available to active and retired New Jersey school employees. Additionally, fundraising opportunities are available which you can find out more information about by clicking here.

Get your free quote through Teachers’ Insurance online or call 844-232-2728, and if you have any questions about At School Zero Deductibles you can Contact Us today!