Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25®


Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25 is a community-based safety organization that targets the observance of the residential 25 mph speed limit. This program mobilizes neighborhoods to proactively promote responsible driving behavior at a grassroots level. Plymouth Rock Assurance — Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ is proud to partner with Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25.

Many believe that physical measures such as speed bumps, blocking off streets, or changing the flow of traffic will solve residential speeding. Engineering and safety concerns may prohibit towns from physically altering their roads. A local Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25 campaign can be a more viable option for many communities and school zones, as well as a strong supplement to physical changes to the neighborhood traffic pattern.

New Jersey schools and communities can begin their own campaign by partnering with public works, local parent-teacher councils and law enforcement, neighborhood associations, and local safety coalitions. For additional information about how to start a campaign in your community or your school, visit

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