Motorcycle Insurance Claims

Motorcycle Insurance Claims

How to File a Claim and What to Expect

Whether you’re dealing with theft, vandalism or a collision, Plymouth Rock has you covered every step of the way. Find everything you need to file and track your motorcycle claim.

At the Scene of an Accident

Accidents happen, even to the most careful riders. Try to remain calm while taking these steps and gathering the necessary information. Doing so will help keep everyone safe, settle your claim and protect you from potential insurance fraud.

  • Move your bike to a safe location, if possible, but do not leave the scene
  • If you or anyone were hurt, call 911 for medical assistance (Never move an injured person unless they are in imminent danger)
  • Contact the police; they’ll send an officer if needed
  • Exchange information with those involved
  • Be polite, but avoid discussing fault (When you file an insurance claim, the adjuster will determine this)
  • If your bike is not drivable, request roadside assistance
  • Contact information (full names, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses) and license details of all drivers
  • Insurance information (company name, policy number, phone number) of all drivers
  • Vehicle descriptions (make, model, color) and license plate numbers of all drivers
  • Full names and phone numbers of passengers and witnesses
  • Apparent injuries of anyone involved
  • Accident location (street name, address, mile marker or exit number)
  • Emergency service responder information, including police department (officer name, badge number, phone number, police report number), fire department and ambulance company
  • The accident scene, including road conditions, skid marks, debris in the roadway and vehicle positions
  • Damage to all vehicles and property
  • The four corners and license plates of each vehicle involved (regardless of visible damage)

Steps in the Motorcycle Claim Process

We know you want your bike back, so our claims process helps make getting repairs and a settlement as fast and stress free as possible. Here are the basic steps you’ll encounter.

Step 1: File Your Claim
Please have your policy number ready.

Filing your claim online is fast and easy.

By Phone
To file your claim by phone, contact us directly.

Step 2: Assignment and Tracking of the Claim
After reporting your motorcycle insurance claim, you’ll be assigned a claim number as well as a friendly, knowledgeable representative to walk you through your policy coverage and answer any questions you may have.

Track the status of your claim online, 24/7. New and returning Manage Your Policy customers can log in below. If this is your first time logging in, be sure to have your policy number on hand.

Step 3: Damage Evaluation
f your bike has damage and the applicable coverage applies, we offer these super-convenient options to get you back on the open road:

  • Photo Appraisals: Eliminate the need to schedule a claims inspection and receive your estimate within hours. You may even get paid that very same day.*
  • Crashbusters® Mobile Claim Service: Meet a representative to appraise the damage at a time and place that’s right for you, oftentimes, issuing you a check on the spot.*

Step 4: Have Your Bike Repaired
Get repairs from one of our 100% Guaranteed Repair Program (GRP) and we'll guarantee the work for as long as you own or lease your bike. If you prefer, you may use the shop of your choice.

Step 5: Receive Your Claim Settlement
Based on your situation, Plymouth Rock may pay your claim to the repair shop. Or we may reimburse you directly via Zelle, a safe and easy mobile payment app, direct deposit to your bank account or a paper check sent in the mail. Your claim payment will be based on the terms and coverage in your insurance policy.

If you need any additional information about the auto claims process, please contact us or read our Claims FAQs.

*Certain restrictions apply.