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6 Incredibly Useful Fall Weather Driving Tips

Crisp days filled with football games, pumpkin picking and breathtaking  foliage — what's not to love about fall? However, unpredictable changes in weather, fallen leaves, and the end of daylight...

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Oct. 2 is Name Your Car Day!

It’s seen you through the good times and bad – life’s joys and sorrows, ups and downs and everything in between. It’s your companion on the open road: the Goose...

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School Bus Safety 101 for Drivers

As a car insurance company, Plymouth Rock is always thinking about the safety of drivers and pedestrians. One area in particular is safety around school buses — especially as they start...

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All About 5 and 6 Speed Manual Transmissions

If you’re searching for differences between 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions, you probably have some experience driving stick. You’re also in limited company – only about 10% of cars...

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