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What To Expect After a Kitchen Fire

Last updated on November 22, 2019 at 08:53 am

Here’s one woman’s story of what to expect after a kitchen fire.

Last spring, Kelly Long was rushing home to try her sister’s new empanada recipe. At the time, she had no idea how the recipe would actually turn out. The experience literally went up in flames.

As Kelly cooked, she carefully kneaded the dough and spiced the filling to her own taste. She heated oil on her stove and got ready to deep fry the pastries to a golden doneness. As she lifted the lid from the pan of grease, flames leapt out.

“That was the end of my dinner,” Long said jokingly. But the fire damaged more than just dinner.

The range hood above her stove melted. The grout and backsplash near her stove was discolored and warped from the heat. Her cabinets were singed. The acrid scent of smoke filled her house. Hearing the smoke alarm, a neighbor ran to Kelly’s house and put out the fire – by throwing the pot of grease all over the brick and stone pavers outside of her house.

Kelly was shocked. As a first-time homeowner, she had no idea what to do. That night, she tried to clean up, but it was a lost cause. She needed professional help.

Not knowing where to turn, she relayed her story to a coworker the next day. The coworker recommended that she call her homeowners insurance company.

Kelly called her homeowner insurer: Plymouth Rock. The next day Monica, a Plymouth Rock claims representative, arrived on the scene to assess the damage and helped Kelly through the process. When Kelly showed Monica the damage, Monica asked helpful questions, and she knew what damage to consider. As Monica asked more questions, Kelly grew to trust her.

Repairing the damage involved calling a cleaning crew, which Monica did as soon as she finished her assessment. Monica promised that if Kelly needed help, she would get back to her right away. And Monica delivered.

In addition to connecting Kelly with resources to clean up the mess, the Plymouth Rock Team spearheaded the initiative to work with Kelly’s homeowners association and its insurance company. Since the damage spilled (literally) onto the brick pavers outside of Kelly’s covered area, the homeowners association was responsible for cleaning it up.

But Kelly felt ill-equipped to deal with so many different insurance companies, and she worried that she wouldn’t be made financially whole by the insurance company for the homeowners association. Monica and the Plymouth Rock team took care of the discussions – and more importantly, they took care of Kelly.

In less than a week, Kelly was issued a check to use for making repairs and replacing damaged items. The Plymouth Rock team helped her to understand that the check was broken down into the damage Plymouth Rock covered, plus the damage the homeowners association covered, minus her deductible.

After the fact, Kelly said: “I had zero stress, no headaches, a little fear, but Monica helped me through it. I’m so happy I went with Plymouth Rock!”

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