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What to Do During a Traffic Stop

Last updated on November 22, 2019 at 08:50 am

For many drivers, there aren’t many sights more stressful than flashing red and blue lights in the rear-view mirror. When an officer stops your vehicle, it could be for a number of reasons—a moving violation, a registration or equipment violation, a criminal investigation, or a courtesy or safety concern. No matter the reason for the traffic stop, it’s important to remain calm. The team here at Plymouth Rock Assurance has compiled a list of traffic stop tips to keep in mind for your safety, the safety of the officer, and the safety of surrounding traffic.

  • Reduce Your Chances of Being Pulled Over: Obviously, avoiding a traffic stop is preferable. Now is a good time to check that your registration is in order and your vehicle’s equipment is compliant with all laws. When you hit the road, follow safe driving practices at all times. Remember that as the driver, you are also responsible for the conduct of all occupants in the car. Avoiding violations will not only help you save money by not having to pay for tickets, but it could save you money on your car insurance.
  • Stop Your Vehicle in a Safe Area: Park as far out of the lane of traffic as possible and turn on your hazard lights. Remain in your car and wait for further directions from the officer.
  • Be Courteous: If you are pulled over at night, turning on your interior light can assist in communication. You should keep your hands in view on the steering wheel until you are directed to provide your license, registration, and proof of insurance. If you do not agree with a citation, remember that you have the right to question your citation before a judge. A traffic stop is never an appropriate place to argue a citation.

By following these tips, always being mindful of safety on the road, and remaining cooperative, you can reduce your stress during a traffic stop.

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