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What 1,000 Drivers Think of NJ Road Safety

Last updated on November 22, 2019 at 08:40 am

A new study from Plymouth Rock Assurance reveals what 1,000 New Jersey drivers think about driving on Garden State roads. Here’s what they said about five NJ road safety issues:

  1. By a wide margin, texting while driving was the most frequently mentioned safety concern among NJ drivers polled at 81%. Drinking and driving was second at 52%.
  1. Many drivers polled said they have engaged in some form of distracted driving. 80% said they had tuned a radio, making it the top distracted driving behavior. A close second at 78% was reaching for items in the car. Plus, 26% admitted to reading or sending texts while driving and 1% has read a newspaper while driving.
  1. 48% of drivers polled said they would be “extremely concerned” for their safety if they were riding with a driver who was using a mobile device. Add those drivers to the 24% who would feel “very concerned” and you get nearly three-quarters of drivers polled who are not comfortable with this situation.
  1. 65% of drivers polled in the past six months have seen another driver texting when no passengers were in the car.
  1. When it comes to safety, virtually all drivers polled reported doing two things: 97% said they check before backing out of a parking space and 96% report wearing their seat belts.

There was a time that not many drivers wore their seat belts. In 1981, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated seat belt use at 11%. Based on the results of our survey, that’s changed quite a bit over time.

Today, texting while driving is the top safety issue on New Jersey’s roads and it’s a serious one. The state’s Office of the Attorney General has found that driver inattention contributed to 1.4 million crashes from 2004 to 2013, which is about half of the total crashes in New Jersey in that period.

To coincide with April’s National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Plymouth Rock is encouraging New Jersey residents to #EvolveYourDrive by staying focused behind the wheel.

Drivers may also visit to see how safe driving has evolved over the past 50 years and how to inspire others to help make texting and driving history.

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