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10 More Ways for Keeping Cool and Eco Friendly

Last updated on November 21, 2019 at 02:28 pm

We’re all about saving money (it mean might grabbing an extra snow cone at the beach). But, staying cool while not breaking the bank can be tough. Stop fearing your electric bill and start cooling off with these tips and tricks!

  • Turn the temperature up. If you absolutely must run your air conditioner, set it at a higher temperature than usual. If you usually set it at 72, turn it up to 78 instead. This six degree difference could decrease your electricity bill by 6-18% according to
  • Drink that water! By staying hydrated you make sure your body has enough fluids to produce sweat, which is your body’s way of cooling itself down. If the thought of guzzling plain water is beyond boring, try adding fruits, herbs, or even vegetables (cucumber lemon water, anyone?).
  • Shed some light. Literally. Check your light bulbs. Do you have incandescent bulbs? You may want to swap them for compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) since they use less energy and emit less heat!
  • Spice things up. It’s not all about shaved ice and ice water when it comes to hot summer days. Try eating some spicy food too. It will cause your body to sweat, which helps to cool you down. At this point, you’ll want to review tip #2 above.
  • Close your curtains. And the blinds too. These two will team up to keep sunlight from entering your dwelling and heating it up.
  • Be a fan. Fans are more effective at cooling you off than an air conditioner. Why? Well the a/c aims to cool an entire room while a fan aims to blow away any hot air in its way (this includes the hot air around you). Plus, fans use less energy. But unfortunately, fans won’t work on people full of hot air.
  • Chill out. Remove the case from your pillow and stuff it into a large freezer bag. Then toss the bag into the freezer. Let it chill out for a few minutes or a few hours (it really depends on your preference). When you’re ready to go to bed, remove the case and put it back on your pillow.
  • Go bare. Whether you shower in the morning or evening, skip the towel. If you’re really committed to saving the planet – look up a water-conservation friendly shower head and install that instead of your regular one. Shower heads aren’t exactly designed originally for water conservation – so nowadays you can help the planet a little just by using a specialty one. Use a fan to help you dry after a cool shower. You can also keep a spray bottle on hand for a similar effect. And just to be clear, once you’re dry you’ll want to sport some clothes before heading out.
  • Visit your local library. Think about it: free books, movies, magazines, and internet all in one large, air-conditioned building. Hang out and cool off for a bit. If you’ve got kids, check your library for available summer programs.
  • Ignore your oven. Using it can be brutal on a hot summer night, even with fans or the air conditioner running.

As is the case with extreme weather, please be safe! In the meantime, enjoy summertime and stay cool. Before you know it we’ll be seeing “Winter is coming!” Game of Thrones memes everywhere, so enjoy it while it lasts!

What are some inexpensive ways you stay cool when the temperatures rise? Plymouth Rock Assurance would love to know!

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