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Here Are 7 Ways to Fight Colds and Flu

Last updated on November 21, 2019 at 02:27 pm

This cold and flu season, making simple, smart choices can be the difference between getting sick and staying healthy. Here’s what you can do to fight colds and flu this year:

  • Wash your hands. Washing your hands is one of best, and easiest, ways to stop the spread of germs. Thoroughly wash your hands by scrubbing both sides with antibacterial soap under warm water for at least one minute. Remember to wash your hands after using the restroom, before you eat and after sneezing or coughing.
  • Keep your distance. Avoid close contact with others to protect them from getting sick, too. And vice versa – if you’re around someone who’s sick, tell them not to take it personally and keep your distance.
  • Be a considerate sneezer. When you sneeze or cough, consider your surroundings and do so into a tissue. If you don’t have one on hand, do the next best thing and sneeze into your arm. You don’t want to be that person who sneezes into open air, exposing everyone around them to germs.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. It’s tempting to indulge in comfort food during the colder months, but remember you’re only as healthy as the food you eat. Make sure you’re getting the right nutrients to keep your body in tip top shape.
  • Exercise regularly. Staying active helps boost your immune system. You don’t need to commit to marathon training, but even if it’s just a 30-minute walk during your lunch break, your immune system will thank you.
  • Get some sleep. Catch some Zs instead of germs. Eight hours is the recommended night’s sleep, so if you can manage that, great. If not, get as much sleep as much as you can and don’t underestimate its importance.
  • Consider getting a flu shot. Though it’s certainly not mandatory, health authorities like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a yearly flu vaccination. Whether it’s from your doctor, an employer, a school-sponsored clinic or a pharmacy, there are many places that offer flu shots.

Ultimately, avoiding colds and flu comes down to taking care of your body and being mindful of others. If you don’t feel well, stay home. Don’t overextend yourself if you’re feeling run down. Plus, the risk of getting others sick isn’t worth it.

To learn more about cold and flu prevention and how to stay healthy this season, visit and WebMD.

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