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Useful and Practical Tips for Frozen Pipe Prevention

Last updated on November 24, 2020 at 01:47 pm

Wintertime can bring hazards for homeowners. Frigid weather can lead to frozen pipes, and lots of damage to your home. Watch our video to learn how to help prevent frozen pipes and keep your home and property safe.

3 thoughts on “Useful and Practical Tips for Frozen Pipe Prevention

  1. I use a heat tape for my pipes and keep it on all year, turn it on early Dec. and turn it off in May. It does help.

  2. Regarding letting cold water drip from faucet

    1) I never understood why the traditional advice is to let faucet drip to prevent frozen pipes. If it’s cold enough, a drip does not seem like enough water flow to prevent freezing. I read somewhere that the dripping does not necessarily prevent freezing, but instead it prevents frozen pipes from bursting (since the drip means that there is a way to release the pressure caused by the ice expansion).

    2) I don’t know why to only let the cold water drip. What about hot? My “hot” water pipe quickly loses heat when it is not used, and gets as cold as the cold water pipe for the first use in the morning. Shouldn’t both drip?

    Can anyone advise on these questions?

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