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Top Five Road Trip Essentials

Last updated on November 20, 2019 at 11:09 am

Taking a road trip this weekend? The team at Plymouth Rock Assurance got together to dish out the top five essentials for a killer road trip.

    1. Great Snacks – It goes without saying that awesome road trips need awesome road trip snacks. There is a lot of variation here but ideally snacks that aren’t messy, don’t require utensils, have pleasant smells and can hold up to being in a cooler for several hours or just jostled around in a bag. Some suggestions include pretzels, cut up veggies like carrots, celery and peppers, snack packs, and nuts.
    2. Maps and Apps – Almost everyone has GPS in the palm of their hand these days but there are also some other great travel apps like Waze (for traffic), Gas Buddy (find cheap gas), Wi-Fi Finder, not to mention apps for finding hotels, weather and more. We also recommend bringing an old school paper map because you never know when your phone might die, reception is lost or who knows what else.
    3. Great Tunes – Whether you like classical, jazz, rock, country, rap, pop, electro funk, EDM, techno, goth, synth, Emo, old school, NuSchool, punk, world, Mongolian throat singers, or Captain Beefheart, great tunes can make or break your trip. Plan ahead in this department by making killer playlists in your favorite app (or CDs if you’re old school) to suit any mood. Some playlist ideas are: Late Night Cool, Rocking Out, Cross Country Country, or Chillin with the Top Down. Just make sure to keep it at safe volume so you don’t get distracted from the road.
    4. Cleaning & Safety Essentials – Obviously before leaving you make sure your roadside emergency kit is fully stocked and your spare tire fully functional but you still should pack some extra essentials for you and your cars safety. Cleaning supplies like paper towels and all-purpose cleaner come in hand for dirty mirrors or sunglasses not to mention any spills. Also wet-naps and a spare role of TP might come in handy should the rest stop not be up to snuff. Finally make sure to have a first aid kit that includes the essentials plus some additional items like motion sickness pills and antacids just in case.
    5. Road Trip Buddies – All the above are great but what good is a righteous road trip without someone to share it with! Grab one, or three, of your best buds and head out for adventure.

Got any road trip recommendations, let us hear it in the comments or on Twitter!

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