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The Down and Dirty on Distracted Driving

Last updated on November 25, 2019 at 01:11 pm

It doesn’t take a car insurance company to tell you that New Jersey isn’t the easiest place to be a driver. We have busy roads, we drive long commutes, and–let’s face it–I think we can all say we have done something while driving that we probably should not have.

In a recent study of Jersey drivers, Plymouth Rock Assurance found that 5% of those polled have browsed the internet on their smartphones while driving. Two percent admitted to reading the newspaper behind the wheel. These types of distracted driving can lead to dire if not fatal consequences.

We are not here to point fingers or lay blame, but instead educate all drivers – especially the 12% of drivers who confessed to shaving, applying makeup, or brushing their hair while motoring around the Garden State.

We all drive the same roads, and we see dangerous behaviors behind the wheel each day. We also know that Jersey drivers realize how dangerous these behaviors are because nearly half of those polled in our study indicated they have asked a driver to stop texting while the car was in motion.

Another bright spot from the survey was that over 30% of those polled indicated they have tried to alert drivers of other vehicles to put down their mobile devices while driving.

To help raise awareness about these issues, we recently hosted three Distracted Driving Challenges in New Jersey. Participants used our driving simulators to see just how dangerous distracted driving could be. These drivers were shocked how easily they lost control of their simulated cars and told us it was a “wakeup call” for some of their bad driving habits.

We encourage all drivers to keep up the fight against distracted driving and take our pledge on Facebook to help keep NJ roads safer. You can also make a difference by donating to who continue to fight for stricter punishments for individuals who are caught while driving distracted.

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