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Summer Car Care Tips – Preparing for your next summer road trip

Last updated on November 20, 2019 at 02:19 pm

One of our last posts was about car-free summer vacation ideas; this post will give you some links and ideas about car care in summer.

Start things off right: Give your car a thorough cleaning, inside and out. Declutter your trunk, glove compartment, seat pockets…Save any loose change you find under and between the seats for parking meters!

Next, take your car to your mechanic for a look over and tune up—this is a good idea before every season (if you’re like the average American and drive at least 20,000 miles/year), and especially before any long road trip. Among other things, have your mechanic check your car’s cooling systems (radiator, AC, coolants, etc.), your tires (treads, air pressure), your battery, and your windshield wipers (and fill up on window cleaner while you’re at it).

Car Talk’s Magliozzi brothers are just as entertaining to read online as they are on the radio—although you’ll miss out on their Boston accents, alas. Read and enjoy their extensive list of summer car care and driving tips by clicking this link:

Drive green: Car has some interesting tips on how to make your car more planet-friendly

Do your part: The Car Talk guys also have some original ideas about how to get better fuel economy—some of them may surprise you—either way their list is definitely worth checking out:

Other summer car care related websites include:

Click here for more information about insurance in your state.

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