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Staying Fit During the Holiday Season

Last updated on November 19, 2019 at 09:18 am

The holiday season can wreak havoc on your daily routine and can cause you to gain weight. We all know the culprits — too many large holiday meals, cookies, and all the traveling in between. We reached out to the Personal Trainers at WoW to learn some common mistakes made around the holiday season that can cause weight gain, and how we can avoid those pitfalls. Follow these tips to for  help staying fit during the holiday season.

  1. Traveling.
    Whether you’ve been traveling a lot this year, or planning to travel during the holiday season, jet lag from late night flights can confuse your body’s natural rhythm and eating schedule, resulting in weight gain. Prepare for your holiday travel by drinking more water than you usually would and packing probiotics for a healthy belly!
  2. Too little protein and calories.
    If you’re trying to save room for your favorite holiday meal or looking to lose weight, you may be looking for the ‘low calorie’ options as you try to eat light, but this strategy can be deceiving. When selecting pre-packaged foods with a low calorie stamp, they could be, instead, filled with increased amounts of sodium or sugar, or chemical alternatives your body cannot naturally break down. Where they lack in taste, you may find yourself craving more foods. Try to prepare more meals yourself; doing so ahead of time can save you time and money the rest of the week, but you will also be able to add more protein to help you feel fuller longer, as well as portion control your meals to fully know what calories and ingredients you are consuming.
  3. Not eating before exercising.
    It’s tough to get into this habit because you don’t want to see your lunch come up during your workout, but by preparing ahead of time for both your snack and workout, you can eat about 45 minutes before your exercise to ensure you have the energy to fuel your session, without making you feel sick. Otherwise, your body may look to your muscles to burn calories. Fitting in a workout to your holiday plans will give you more energy for traveling as well as helping you avoid weight gain.
  4. Slice it up.
    Prevent over-eating by cutting up your food in smaller bites. Ever notice how kids take so long to eat food after it’s cut up? Slow yourself down, savor your food, and notice when your body gives you a signal it’s full. This will be easier to notice when you slow down the process taking smaller bites. Enjoy your favorite holiday meal guilt-free!
  5. Skipping the weights.
    Don’t just add in some cardio to your days to make up for the holiday feasts. Adding weight training to your workouts will allow your body to raise its hormone levels to burn fat a full 24 hours after your workout. So start small, and give your body the extra nudge it needs to shed the pounds. If you need some help adding weight to your workouts, try out X-LAB at WoW.

Did you find any tips you may have been skipping in your routine? Let us know how you’re planning on staying dedicated to your goals this upcoming holiday season.

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