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Here’s Why Celebrating Small Business is a Big Deal

Last updated on November 20, 2019 at 02:08 pm

National Small Business Week is a time to recognize the contributions that small business owners make to our communities.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than half of Americans either work for or own a small business. Small businesses account for nearly two out of every three new jobs created each year. These numbers suggest that small businesses are a powerful economic player and regardless of size, can make a difference amid America’s vast economic landscape. Plymouth Rock is very familiar with small business in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. The local insurance agents we work with are are small business owners, and we’re especially appreciative of their entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, and dedication local communities.

Small can be big. The American Dream was founded on the idea that if you work hard and persevere, you can be successful – something the “average Joe” could achieve. Even though times have changed and businesses now range from local shops to complex multinational corporations, this dream is still a part of the American way. The promise of self-made success is as alive on Main Street as it is on Wall Street.

Small is local. Not only do small businesses provide jobs for the majority of the American workforce, they can offer something larger companies might otherwise not: a direct, tangible impact on your neighborhood.

When you shop at a small business, you help keep dollars local because the business owner is more likely to put that money back into the community. Not to mention, local businesses are more likely to employ people who actually live in the community, as opposed to outsourcing to faraway locations.

Small businesses also offer unique solutions to market competition.  Large companies are more immune to smaller market forces and aren’t nearly as dependent on one geographic area like small businesses are. Small business owners are especially compelled to keep local customers happy with quality products and services since the majority of their customers are likely to be people who actually live in that community. Thus, small business owners are constantly challenged to stay relevant, and innovative, and respond to their customers’ needs.

Support small. Next time you’re going out to dinner, consider skipping the chain restaurant and eating at the family-owned diner in town. Or instead of buying your groceries at the large supermarket, try picking up your produce at a local farmer’s market.

And if you’re looking for advice on auto insurance, consider talking to a local, independent agent.  Unlike a large national insurance company, independent agents can provide local knowledge, advice, and choices. Independent agents are small business owners who take the time to understand your needs and make coverage recommendations based on your unique situation. Rather than fitting you to an insurance product, an independent agent will fit an insurance product for you.

Spread the word. People trust you, so while shopping locally, remember to share your favorite experiences with others. If you’ve had a positive experience at a local restaurant or shop, let others know! These days, most small businesses have social media pages, which are great places to share your positive experiences and support your local businesses.

As consumers, we should all appreciate the resilience of Main Street business owners. Let’s show that appreciation by shopping locally – not just during National Small Business Week – but all year.

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