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Simple ways to Help in the Aftermath of Sandy

Last updated on November 19, 2019 at 08:53 am

By now, the nation is aware of the devastation that Superstorm Sandy has caused in New York, Delaware, Maryland, and especially New Jersey. The storm has caused extensive damage to historic seaside towns and boardwalks across our home state, but this is New Jersey. We don’t lay down for anyone. To quote The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, “you got to rise up.” Now more than ever, it is time for the sons and daughters of New Jersey to stand united and help each other rebuild.

Last night we had some of the area’s biggest stars, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and more host a benefit concert on NBC. The cast of the Jersey Shore is even doing their part to raise awareness of the vast devastation. Local residents fortunate enough to be able to lend a hand can also make a difference. Here are some simple ideas to help out during this difficult time.

Check on Your Elderly Neighbors

Visit any elderly neighbors who don’t have power. They may be in need of extra blankets, water, and basic amenities.

Share Your Power

If you have power, share with those who don’t. Set up a charging station for devices, or simply let your friends and neighbors warm up in your heat.

Heat Things Up

Many folks are without power but have access to hot water, gas stoves, or grills and can help with boiling water or warming up foods. Residents with young children might need to warm formula.

Lend a Hand

Cleaning up can be difficult for anyone, especially if they are elderly, have children to watch, or are injured. Lend a hand to neighbors who might not own the right tools for the job or are unable to do the work alone. We all have to pitch in the best we can.


Lend a hand to local shelters, food banks, churches, or other organizations that are trying to help the victims of this storm. It may be as simple as helping sorting supplies or distributing blankets, but every hand helps.

Donate Blood

Just like other facilities in the state, blood banks lost power and suffered damage. It is always a good idea to donate blood during an emergency so that hospitals have a steady and healthy supply.

Have Patience

Everyone is stressed. Some have lost their entire lives in just a few hours so it is crucial to have patience with someone who might have lost theirs. Stay calm and offer positivity and a comforting shoulder to anyone who needs it.

Here are some great resources for anyone to help local NJ residents:

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