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Seeing Clearly: Tips for a Clean Windshield

Last updated on May 16th, 2017 at 02:41 pm

Tired of that streak on your windshield? Can’t get the crystal clear glass you always wanted? Then these tips from the team here at Plymouth Rock are for you! Having a clean and clear windshield doesn’t just look good – it is safer too. Follow these tips to for a streak-free clean windshield this summer.

#1 Clean your windshield with plain water first using a microfiber glass towel that has a waffle pattern. This will help you remove any stubborn spots from bugs and other contaminants.

#2 Use ammonia-free cleaner after you have rinsed the window clean. Ammonia can cause rubber and plastics to dry out, which could be bad for your car’s seals. Many ammonia-free products, like Invisible Glass, are widely available. Also never use ammonia-based cleaner on tinted areas because it can damage or destroy the window tint.

#3 Never let the sun dry your windshield. When cleaning your windshield, it is best to do it away from direct sunlight. If the sun dries the windshield before contaminants are wiped clean, it may leave residues on your windshield. Always wipe away your cleaner with a microfiber cloth that will help keep the windshield free of residue and streaks.

#4 Check your blades. Windshield wipers should be changed about every year or so but could be sooner depending on their performance. Since the surface that contacts your windshield is rubber-based, changes in temperature over the seasons can cause the blades to lose their edges, resulting in streaks.

#5 Don’t forget the inside. Often, the inside of your windshield is the culprit. A film can build up on the car’s interior windshield over time and can be just as stubborn as dirt and grime on the outside. Follow the tips above to make it shine on both sides.

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