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School Bus Safety 101 For Drivers

Last updated on September 13, 2018 at 03:45 pm

As a car insurance company, Plymouth Rock is always thinking about the safety of drivers and pedestrians. One area in particular is safety around school buses — especially as they start appearing again in large numbers after the summer break. School bus safety is essential for keeping students safe. Plus, it’s the law. We’ve assembled school bus safety 101 for drivers as a quick refresher as children head back to school:

  • School bus safety applies to all school vehicles used solely for the transportation of children to and from school, school activities, or summer day camps.
  • You must stop not less than 25 feet from the bus when the bus has stopped to receive or drop off any passengers.
  • Never pass or closely approach a school bus with flashing red lights.
  • You must remain stationary until the flashing red lights have stopped blinking. This will signal that all children have entered the bus and are in their seats or have exited the bus and safely reached the side of the road. Even if you can’t see children crossing, if the red lights are on stay put!
  • The state law requires all drivers to stop 25 feet away if traveling on any road, including a two lane road or multi-lane highway where the lanes are only separated by lines.
  • If you are approaching a school bus on the opposite side of a raised median or island on a dual highway, slow down to 10 mph.

Remember, fines for the improper passing of a school bus range from $102 to $252, and could include up to 15 days in jail as well as a 30-day suspension of your driver’s license, plus 5 points. Even more importantly, by making an effort to be safe around school buses you’ll be helping to keep children safe. Have other safety questions? Tweet us or leave a comment below.

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