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Ready, set, trot: Thanksgiving travel tips

Last updated on November 15, 2019 at 02:06 pm

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of driving – or traveling in general – the Wednesday before Thanksgiving can testify to it being one headache of a travel day. Getting stuck in traffic is never an enjoyable situation, especially when you know it’s all that stands between you and a turkey feast. And with gas prices being the lowest in four years, officials are warning that holiday travel this year could be worse than usual.

To help ease commuters’ travel concerns and keep road rage at bay, Google used its mapping technology to analyze and make sense of Thanksgiving traffic conditions over the last two years. Based on their collected data, Google wrote out a few tips on its blog to help guide commuters safely and quickly all the way to the dinner table:

  • This may not come as too big of a surprise, but for most cities, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the worst traffic day. Therefore, try to avoid traveling on that day. Instead, consider traveling on Thanksgiving since it’s typically the lightest traffic day of the entire holiday week. If you have to travel on Wednesday, be mindful that you’ll likely see the heaviest traffic flow between 3-5 p.m
  • Why not give your stomach more time to settle and return home on Sunday? In some cities, traffic can be up to 40% worse on Saturday than Sunday. So, kick back, relax and extend your holiday another day.
  • Ham, pies and liquor were the top three Google Maps grocery trends the day before Thanksgiving. So, for you last minute shoppers, do yourself a favor and run your errands early this year.

Helpful tip for our Massachusetts drivers: the Westbound Mass Turnpike from downtown Boston to I-84 in Sturbridge comes in at a hot second on the list of most congested roads in the country. If your travel route permits avoiding the pike, save yourself a headache and stick to back roads. But if that’s not an option and you’re passing through the Mass Turnpike Allston/Brighton toll plaza between 7-8 a.m. on Wednesday morning, your toll fare is on us – along with other festive surprises!

Tip for all Northeast divers: There’s a winter storm watch in place for a large part of the Northeast this Wednesday. Be sure to check for weather updates regularly from places like the National Weather Service or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to ensure you’re prepared to drive in whatever conditions Mother Nature throws at us.

For more Thanksgiving travel tips, check out Google’s blog and other online travel resources. With some planning, patience and luck, your Thanksgiving travel should go smoothly. And when all else fails and you find yourself in gridlocked traffic, just remember how worth it it’ll be when you get to feast on that turkey dinner.

From all of us at Plymouth Rock, we wish you a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.

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