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5 Quick Tips to Help Simplify Your Inbox

Last updated on November 15, 2019 at 09:29 am

Is your inbox bursting? You are not alone.  At Plymouth Rock Assurance we understand the importance of balancing our use of technology, our work and our life, so we have come up with five quick tips to help simplify your inbox.

#1 Go on the spam attack: If your inbox, not your spam filter, is getting bombarded by real junk mail make sure to report it. Almost all major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and AOL have a “Report Spam” button. Go on the offensive and help get this junk out of your inbox. It will take some time but in the long run it will keep your inbox simpler and may help fight identity theft.

#2 Check your options: If you subscribe to newsletters or other services, such as a Google Alerts, check your options. Many news sites, alerts and wire services offer choices about how much email you wish to receive. You can switch from daily to weekly digests, or even monthly, depending on how important it may be.

#3 Follow the rules: No one wants to give up the ease of using online billing, electronic documents and notifications but you don’t want to miss an important email either. Many email clients have rules you can set to help you. These rules, also called filters and labels, automatically file emails into certain buckets. For example, you could set up a rule called “bills” and make sure all your online bills, like car insurance, telecom and credit cards are easily filed.

#4 There is an app for that: There are lots of apps that can help control your email. From tools that can roll up all your newsletters into one digest, to an app that helps you purge all those “save 20%” offers from your favorite shop. Do a quick search and you can test drive most of them for free. Just be aware all of these tools will require you to let them access your email inbox.

#5 Talk to your friends: We all have email, and we all have tips and tricks to make it work. Talk to friends, colleagues and family to find out what they do to manage their inboxes. It might spark an idea or point you in the right direction to a system that would work for you.

Are you being inundated by email or have you tamed your inbox? Let us hear your tips in the comments below.

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