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Quick Tips to Help Keep Your Windshield From Freezing

Last updated on December 13, 2019 at 02:50 pm

We all know how difficult removing thick and stubborn ice from your car can be, but its removal is crucial to safe driving in winter months. Below are some quick tips the Plymouth Rock Assurance team assembled to help keep your windshield from freezing.

1. Spray your windows with a frost/ice prevention spray. There are several sprays on the market designed to help make ice or frost removal easier in the morning. Simply apply to your windshield the night before and the stubborn freeze should slide off easily with your scraper.

2. Cover up! Although it might be a little extra labor in the evening, laying carpet or floor mats (soft side down) across the windshield can leave it frost-free in the morning. You can also try cardboard, but whatever method you use, make sure it is securely in place. You don’t want your temporary windshield cover blowing into the neighbor’s yard.

3. Try mittens for your car. To keep your side mirrors from freezing up, take plastic grocery bags and wrap them around the mirrors, securing the bags with a rubber band or clothespin. When you remove them in the morning, your side view mirrors should be frost-free.

4. Really cover up! Covering the entire car with a car cover or a tarp is always an option, but it must be securely attached to the car or the surrounding area so it does not become a neighborhood hazard. Please be particularly careful if you are using this method during a windy day or evening. This method isn’t foolproof, but will greatly reduce the amount of ice forming.

5. Try de-icing products. If your windshield is covered with stubborn ice, and you didn’t pretreat, use a de-icer to help remove the ice from your windshield. These de-icers are designed to melt ice faster than warm water. They should make using your ice scraper a little easier in the cold morning.

These are just a few tips to help make your frigid mornings a bit easier. Of course, the biggest tip of all is parking your car in a garage (if you have access to one). If your garage is a little untidy, see if you can organize it enough to get a car in there! If you have some other secrets to keep your windshield from freezing, Tweet us or leave a comment below.

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