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Driving to College for the First Time

Last updated on November 15, 2019 at 09:13 am

Preparing to send your child off to college can be overwhelming. In the midst of shopping for school supplies and having important discussions about finances and safety, if your child is planning to drive to campus, take the time to make sure the car is ready before driving to college.

Have you prepared the car’s major systems for the trip (tune up, oil change, air conditioner checkup)?  What about the details, like checking tire tread and pressure or the wiper blades? Here’s a good checklist for road safety preparedness.

Will your student have a car on campus during the semester? Be sure to research the parking situation and university regulations thoroughly. Confirm that the student’s driver’s license is current and that it won’t expire during the course of the semester. In addition, make sure the car insurance is current. Car expenses can add up quickly, so teach your student these “do it yourself” car care lessons and make sure they know the simple steps to change a headlight, replace windshield wipers and properly maintain their car.

Talk to your student about when NOT to get behind the wheel. If you are a Plymouth Rock Assurance customer, make sure your student knows about our Get Home Safe® Program. Because we want to help prevent accidents, not just respond after they happen, we offer this free benefit to our personal auto insurance customers. Remind your student that if they do not feel up to driving after pulling an all-nighter with a study group (or celebrating with their new college friends), to find a safe ride home.

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