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Practicing Sandy Forgiveness on Thanksgiving

Last updated on November 25, 2019 at 10:04 am

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, many New Jersey residents are hard-pressed to find that holiday feeling. Here in the office, our intense focus on serving our customers in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy has caused most of us to just now realize that the holidays are upon us. There are a lot folks walking around saying, “It just doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving.”

It may be hard to disagree, which is why now it is crucially important to keep on giving back to our local communities who are suffering during these difficult times. There are thousands of storm victims who have been displaced, who are still without properly heated homes, or who are not equipped to cook a hot meal.

Each of us can make a difference and practice a bit of Sandy Forgiveness. That means forgetting little quarrels with our neighbors and loved ones in order to open our doors to them for the holidays. It means finding ways to make things more affordable for all affected New Jersey residents. It means helping to forgive what is owed and lost, and looking to the future that our communities have to build together.

The holidays represent so much more than an excess of our favorite foods, gifts, and games. They are tent poles of tradition and keep our lives grounded. We expect them every year, they mark the calendar in permanent ink, and inch us closer to another year complete.

At Plymouth Rock in New Jersey, we try to focus on the amazing stories we hear every day from our customers. Hearing how they continue to help their communities gives us the energy to keep serving them. Even at our mobile claims centers, our representatives return to the office feeling empowered when sharing how customers refused our gesture of Sandy Forgiveness in the form of Thanksgiving turkeys because, “I know too many people need it more than we do.”

We would love to hear about Sandy Forgiveness in your community. Find us on Twitter using #sandyforgiveness or on Facebook to share your story.

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