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Plymouth Rock: Texts = Wrecks

Last updated on November 12, 2019 at 01:34 pm

New York’s Tough New Texting while Driving Law.

We’ve said it before: “texting while driving” is the new “drunk driving”. Don’t believe us? Check out this video from the Wall Street Journal, announcing New York’s severe new penalty (five points on your driver’s license!) for texting while driving:

To put this new law into some perspective: running a red light in New York is a three point penalty. These guys mean business.

According to, the average text takes approximately five seconds to type which means that traveling at 55 mph, a driver covers the equivalent of the length of a football field including both end zones with their eyes shut. Scary, right? So stop doing it!

New York Staties plan to enforce the new law by observing drivers from unmarked SUVs, which give them a higher, unobstructed view of drivers.

What do you think – should Massachusetts enact a similar texting while driving law? And if so, how should we enforce it? Do you think it’s possible to change the culture of texting while driving through legislation? Let’s hope so.

According to the video, we’re now five times more likely to be killed or injured in an auto crash where drivers are texting than in an accident where drivers are operating under the influence.

We’ve made great strides around raising public awareness about the dangers of drunk driving; and not that long ago, driving without seatbelts was the norm, which is hard to imagine now. It’s time for a similar, major cultural shift in our attitudes about texting and driving.

In the meantime, do your part and put your phone down and away from your curious eyeballs while you’re behind the wheel. Whatever that text is about, it’s not worth it. Let it wait until you’re not driving.

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