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Plymouth Rock is Proud to Support Nikki’s Law and

Last updated on November 12, 2019 at 01:06 pm

Sixteen months to the day after Nikki Kellenyi’s death, the law that bears her name is officially on the books in the State of New Jersey.

Effective immediately, “Nikki’s Law” requires the Commissioner of Transportation, along with the Division of Highway Traffic and Safety, to erect proper signage informing motorists that text messaging and using smartphones while driving is prohibited.

As part of our Fight Against Distracted Driving, Plymouth Rock Assurance proudly sponsors, the organization founded by the Kellenyis following the tragic loss of their daughter.

Nikki Kellenyi was an 18-year-old senior at Washington Township High School when she was a passenger killed during an automobile accident with one of her classmates. Nikki was a National Honor Student and a champion equestrian competitor. She was only a few weeks away from graduation.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) quickly picked up the Kellenyi’s and PADD’s effort to have a law passed warning drivers of the dangers of distracted driving. Nikki’s Law received no opposition on its way to becoming state law.

Our own study on the subject highlights the need for additional reinforcement of our state’s laws against distracted driving. Nearly 40% of those polled still do not use a hands-free device when using their mobile device, despite it being against the law.

With the help of organizations like PADD, Plymouth Rock hopes to stamp out distracted driving in New Jersey. You can help too – sign our pledge on Facebook and share with your friends today!

11 thoughts on “Plymouth Rock is Proud to Support Nikki’s Law and

  1. Many (cell phone) distracted drivers drive away from disaster to other motorists, never being aware of their complicity because of their preoccupation with their phone. I also ride a cycle, so I’m very aware of others (I have to be – to stay alive).
    I think the penalty should be immediate, and as severe as DUI’s (maybe more because they’res a lot more people obsessed with their cell phones (while they drive).

  2. Distracted driving is killing and maiming people – we have to start paying attention to only driving safely – not texting, talking, fighting children, radios, eating, etc.

  3. I support the effort but honestly don’t think signs will make a difference. If anything it might raise taxes to pay for those signs. What about penalizing offenders with increased insurance rates to make them think twice about doing it. I mean, rates go up when there’s an accident even though sometimes it’s out of our control so why not hit the people who blatantly disregard the law and put other lives in danger.

  4. Is law enforcement going to abide by the law that they are supposed to be enforcing? I find it very frustrating as a law abiding citizen to see law enforcement breaking the laws. How are they going to be monitored? Law enforcement protects their brothers and sisters, as well as family members from being issued tickets. What is going to be done about that?

  5. It is a hard topic. “Mobil” device usage is only part of possible distractions. How about radio? or a ‘vocal’ companion (a nagging wife)? or simply distracted by bad ideas overwhelming the mind?
    Yes, WE SHOULD EXCLUDE THE ‘MOBILS’ by stiff penalties and increased surveillance.
    The other beef I have is the gov.’s pet of KEEP RIGHT:
    frequent changing of lanes is dangerous. If I have to keep right constantly I jeopardize myself AND the fellow drivers in both lanes.
    Drive sensibly and attentively! Or else…
    You cannot codify driving safety. There are rules: the first one is WATCH THE TRAFFIC and drive safely (an individual -must- for every driver).
    Blanket rules don’t work sufficiently.
    John Mikes

  6. Let’s make a law and enforce it. If the state ever wanted to make money, now is the time. Just fine all drivers who text and cell $1,000 and loss of license for 6 months. No exceptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I work for a local community college and I see students, teachers and staff backing out of the parking space on the phone and texting at every corner holding up traffic. Its just too dangerous to walk in the parking lot. I sat through 2 left turn lights because someone can’t get off the phone. It’s time to organize your life and plan in advance. Also these cell phone companies should tag their adds with a safety message.

  7. I am surely hoping that the Law will enforce a steep penalty and fine when people are found breaking Nikki’s Law! Too many driver’s are falling short of not respecting the roads and their fellow drivers! Let’s all understand that the roads are for driving..If it is that important to text..Pull Over and Exit before doing so!!

  8. I think this law is stupid. If anything there should be a law enforcing harder sentences. All we are going to do is waste tax payer money to put signs up. How many people follow the MAX SPEED LIMIT signs… You won’t save lives at all in reality. If you enforce stricter laws after words gets out when the first couple dozen people have to pay HUGE fines or serve some serious jail time do people get the hint.

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