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NJ Drivers Spending Less on Car Damage from Road Conditions

Last updated on November 8, 2019 at 11:37 am

Garden State drivers anticipate spending less on car repairs this year because of New Jersey road conditions, and are less concerned about road condition-related accidents, according to a new Plymouth Rock survey.

Findings from the survey:

  • 76% of drivers polled expect to spend more than $100 on car repairs because of New Jersey road conditions, compared with 94% in 2015.
  • 75% of drivers polled expressed some concern about getting into an accident caused by New Jersey road conditions, with 29% expressing significant concern. That compares with 80% and 32%, respectively, in 2015.
  • Of drivers who expressed significant concern, 47% cite potholes as what concerns them, making it the most frequently cited issue. Other issues included bad drivers, poor roads and construction.

Here’s what drivers had to say:

“Potholes in certain areas are ridiculous and I’m afraid they will ruin my car one day.”

“Everywhere you turn you find potholes that are not filled, people driving recklessly and improper signage on roads.

“There are so many potholes in NJ. Road conditions become difficult & dangerous when trying to avoid potholes & damage to your car.”

This past winter in New Jersey was relatively mild compared to previous years. The NJ Department of Transportation expects to fill about 250,000 potholes this year — about 50,000 fewer than in 2015. However, the last two years have seen an above average number of potholes. The state fills about 180,000 potholes in a typical year.

Plymouth Rock in New Jersey has tips for drivers to avoid blowouts and other pothole damage. If you do, unfortunately, experience damage from a pothole, repairs may be covered by your car insurance. Pothole damage is generally covered by collision insurance.

Drivers can help fix New Jersey’s roads by reporting pothole locations to the proper authorities. There are different numbers to call if the pothole you spot is on a state highway or a county road.

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