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New Jersey loves #FoodThatRocks

Last updated on November 8, 2019 at 11:35 am

It is pretty obvious that New Jersey is serious about food. From the southern tip in Cape May, to the northern top of High Point State Park, people across the state have a love affair with their favorite foods and are eager to share their opinions. Just check out the comments on our post about New Jersey Comfort Food Worth The Drive.

“When we speak with New Jersey drivers, food becomes part of the conversation. Whether it’s discussing an intersection in relation to a restaurant or just debating who serves the best burger, it all comes back to our shared passion for the amazing eats we can find in this great state,” shared Karen Murdock, Chief Marketing Officer, Plymouth Rock Management Company of New Jersey. “That’s why we are hungry to kick-start our partnership with Jersey Bites, talking about something everyone can get behind—#FoodThatRocks—and the journey we take to eat it.”

It’s because of these passionate comments from our customers and community that Plymouth Rock teamed up with Jersey Bites to kick-start the conversation about #FoodThatRocks. That’s right we want to hear all about your favorite dishes, diners, and desserts from across the state and the roadtrip you take to satisfy your cravings.

So join the conversation with @JerseyBites and Plymouth Rock on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Show us your drool worthy photos. Share with us and the rest of New Jersey what makes it the best foodie state!

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