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My Car Has a Recall Notice, Now What?

Last updated on November 8, 2019 at 11:20 am

It can be scary when you’re notified that your car has a recall notice for a faulty part or malfunctioning widget. The key is to not panic, do a little research and then take the right course of action as soon as possible. These tips will help you get started when you ask, “my car has a recall notice, now what?”

  1. Don’t panic. We’ve said it before but we just want to be clear. You don’t have to rush right out to the dealer but don’t let it wait too long either. A recall is usually an automaker’s preventative measure to make sure your vehicle is functioning at its safest.
  2. Get the facts. You may hear of a recall online or from coworkers, but make sure you get the truth from a trusted source. Contact your vehicle manufacturer or visit to get the facts. If your car is used, you may need to contact the manufacturer to let them know you are the current owner so they can place your name in the database with the vehicle’s VIN number.
  3. Contact the dealer. After you confirm your vehicle’s eligibility, you can contact the dealership to determine when the repairs can be completed. The dealer and the manufacturer have a grace period from when the recall notice is issued to when repairs begin, so you may have to wait for the repair to take place. You do not have to wait to receive an official recall notice by mail before completing repairs if a notice has been issued online.
  4. Get your car fixed. Most likely your recall will be covered and repairs free but remember to confirm all work being done in writing. This will ensure there are no surprises when you pick up your car.

Plymouth Rock Assurance hopes that you never receive a recall notice. But remember, a recall notice will not influence your car insurance rates so don’t delay or hesitate in completing that repair.

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