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What is it Like to be a New Jersey Teacher for a Day

Last updated on November 8, 2019 at 10:16 am

Our very own Teachers’ Insurance Marketing Representative, Rebekah Thompson, had the opportunity to spend one day in the life of a teacher at Thomas Paine Elementary School in Cherry Hill, NJ. We sat down and asked her all about her experience. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: How did you learn about this opportunity?

A: I like to work closely with school districts and find out what we can do to help them. My contact at the Cherry Hill School District mentioned this program to me and I couldn’t wait to participate. Plus, my husband is a teacher and my two children are in school so I saw this as a great opportunity to get a better connection personally and professionally.

Q: Which subject did you teach?

A: I was assigned to an art class taught by Sara Gilgore and she was fantastic. It was easy to tell that she really loved what she was doing. Throughout the day, I was able to interact with children from first through fourth grades as well as a special education class.

Q: Was being a teacher for a day how you imagined it?

A: It was harder than I expected! It’s a very rewarding job but it’s also very intense. It definitely takes a special class of people to do this job.

Q: What surprised you the most?

A: The constant change and how quickly the teacher has to deal with it all. I’m so used to having a schedule and knowing what to expect but in the classroom everything was in constant flux. I was so surprised and impressed with how versatile teachers need to be and how they’re able to manage and direct students.

Q: How has this experience impacted you?

A: I learned a lot! I certainly have a new respect for teachers and everything that they do. I can see how important their time is and it makes me proud to work for a company that has been designed with benefits that work around their hectic schedules and saves them money. I wish everyone could experience what it’s like to be a teacher for a day; it was such an eye-opening experience! I feel like I have a more accurate understanding of what teachers go through on a daily basis and that’s something I’ll take with me whether I’m home with my family or out visiting school districts.

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