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The Latest on the Garden State Parkway Construction Projects

Last updated on November 12, 2019 at 01:30 pm

The Garden State Parkway is one of the twin arteries – the NJ Turnpike being the other – that makes sure traffic flows through the state. It is an immense, 172-mile-long stretch of highway that varies from an epic five lanes wide in both directions down to a relatively simple two-lane road at its ends. It is also undergoing some serious construction in preparation for the future.

In Cape May County, the only three traffic lights on the entire stretch of the Garden State Parkway were removed earlier this year from exits 9, 10, and 11. This removal started a two–year, $110 million project to create an uninterrupted flow of traffic at the southern entrance of the Parkway. The project includes building three new flyovers, exit lanes, and access lanes that will no longer impede the flow of traffic on the local cross streets.

In 2012, construction began on a project to add full-size shoulders between interchanges 83 and 100. These shoulders, which will be the width of a normal lane, will greatly improve the ability of emergency vehicles to operate and will improve traffic during motorists’ breakdowns. In addition, improvements to interchanges 88 and 89 will be made so that motorists traveling north or south on the GSP will have complete access to Route 70 in both directions.

Perhaps the largest undertaking is the widening of the GSP between Somers Point and Toms River. This massive, three-phase undertaking includes adding an entire lane to both the northbound and southbound lanes, plus a full-size shoulder to the entire stretch of the Parkway between mile posts 30 and 80. The construction, which began in 2011, is being done in three major phases and encompasses the Patcong Creek Bridge and Bass River Bridge. It will also add an express E-ZPass lane at the Barnegat Toll Plaza. Phase three is not slated for completion until 2015.

The Great Egg Harbor Bay Bridge project, which began earlier this year, is a $210 million undertaking that will create a new southbound span right next to the existing southbound span of the bridge. After the new span is completed (projected for 2016), the current northbound bridge will be “re-decked” while traffic is diverted to the southbound lanes. Once the “re-decking” is complete, the old southbound bridge will be torn down. As part of this project, the Old Beesley’s Point Bridge will be taken down.

Also at interchange 105, many motorists are happy to hear of plans to improve the bottleneck created by drivers trying to access Route 18 and Route 36. The project includes realigning the existing jughandles and creating a new one to eliminate the left turn onto Hope Road. Preliminary work has begun, with the entire project aiming for completion by the close of 2015.

Along with these ongoing projects, there are traffic improvement projects slated to begin in 2014 at interchanges 125 and 163. To find out more info, you can visit the NJ Turnpike Authority.

Plymouth Rock in New Jersey wants to know what projects are you most eager to see completed?

17 thoughts on “The Latest on the Garden State Parkway Construction Projects

  1. We need an entrance to the pkway going south at exit 88. This is more urgent than other projects for the people living in all the communities on Shorrock St

  2. I agree with Susanne. We need an entrance to the pkway going south at exit 88. Also need an exit at 88 for North bound traffic. For the most part, there are exits and entrances every few miles on the Parkway, but not on the stretch from 90 to 83 to go south. This is a heavily populated area and the local roads are congested because there’s no access to the Parkway.

  3. There will be access to the parkway in both directions going north and south at exit 88 at Shorrock and rt 70.

  4. We desperately need a southbound exit between exit 88 and 83. The local roads are jammed packed with parkway traffic.

  5. I understand it’s ststill under construction however driving on the parkway is extremely scary and dangerous due to all the bumps and uneven pavement and shifty lanes. even in a newer car with a good suspension. I can’t imagine what it’s like in an older car that might be on its way out or missed a few of the needed maintenance jobs on the suspension. It must be horrible. I hope the finish product is much better

    1. Not sure Debbi, but we can try and look into it when we aren’t getting ready for Blizzard 2015. Stay safe, stay warm, stay off the roads.

  6. I have been checking the web and cannot find out when the exit 88 changes will be complete. Especially south bound exit and entrance.
    I expected them by 12/2014. Hmm. What is the new date?

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