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Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

Last updated on November 7, 2019 at 01:47 pm

Need some last minute Mother’s Day ideas? We know time is a valuable thing. It can’t be bought, delayed, or stored away like money in a bank account. And that’s exactly why this Mother’s Day I’ll be spending time with my mom. Our activity of choice: the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens in Montclair, New Jersey.

In case you’re still not sure what to do for Mother’s Day (which is this Sunday) or you’ve forgotten completely, here are some ideas to help you out!

Brunch Like a Boss
If New Jersey is the diner capital of the universe, then finding a great place for brunch should be a snap. New Jersey Monthly offers a listing of brunching hot spots throughout the state. Most places will be crowded so be prepared!

Lend a Hand
It could be your mom’s house, yard, garage, or car. Stop by and help out with whatever she needs! This Mother’s Day gift shows you really care and unless you’re buying supplies to help with a project; it’s free!

Be a Tourist
It’s easy to forget the wonders around you. I live by the beach but I’m used to it and don’t go as often. But when my family visits that’s the first (free) place we’ll go. So when you visit your mother, or she visits you, be a tourist and check out the local attractions. Many of them are free too so scope them out in advance and find one that fits your mom’s personality.

Gift Baskets for Dummies
Don’t think you can’t create a gift basket just because you aren’t Martha Stewart. I made one last year using a hanging planter as the basket and filled it with small items I knew my mom needed or wanted. That’s the key: include things your mom needs or wants. The internet is in no short supply of various gift basket guides like this one to help you along the way too.

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating your mother. So make sure that whatever activity you do and wherever you go, your overall goal remains the same: celebrate mom.

Plymouth Rock would love to hear about your Mother’s Day plans and gifts. What are you doing this year? Are there any Mother’s Day traditions you’ll be carrying on? Let us know in the comments below!

One thought on “Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

  1. I love these ideas, especially because I’m big on last-minute Mother’s Day ideas. Why? Because today, May 9, is my birthday, and I don’t like to spend my birthday buying presents and planning for someone else!


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