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Last Minute Gift Guide For Driver Safety

Last updated on November 6, 2019 at 12:48 pm

Since we are now waist deep in the holiday season, we thought it was time for Plymouth Rock in New Jersey to chime in among all the lists of best gifts on the Internet. Our contribution – the best gifts help your loved ones drive safely.

Smartphone Apps: There are numerous apps available on both the Android and iOS markets that help make driving safer. For younger drivers, apps that disable texting features when moving over five miles per hour can be especially helpful for keeping teens safe behind the wheel. Other apps will read texts and emails to you. Whatever you choose, it is essential it remains hands-free and causes as little distraction as possible.

Roadside Emergency Kit: Emergency kits are available on and offline at many retailers, but you could also build your own that is tailored to your recipient. Is he/she a pet lover, diabetic, or someone who may have other special needs in an emergency? Just make sure your kit has basic tools, a flashlight, flares, bottled water, jumper cables, fix-a-flat, fuses, and oil.

LED Flares: These are perfect for that driver who does not wish to deal with the smoke and chemicals of a traditional flare. LED flares are durable, rechargeable, and can be seen for longer distances.

Snow Socks: It’s not exactly what you think, but close. Snow Socks are the modern replacement for heavy, dirty, and dangerous tire chains. These lightweight and washable alternatives are perfect for safety conscious drivers who have to combat snowy roads.

Smartphone Charger with USB: This is a perfect gift for anyone who travels often and may be at greater risk of being stranded from a breakdown or weather emergency. Not only will it charge a smartphone, but the USB port allows other important items like portable hand/foot warmers, tablets, or other essential electronics to be charged.

Heated Windshield Wipers: The ultimate in winter weather window clearing, these wipers are custom-made for your auto from the folks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula . Once installed, the wipers will make snow and ice a thing of the past- perfect for those in snowy climates.

Run-Flat Tires: For the most important driver in your life, these tires (which now are standard on some vehicles) will help prevent loss of control if a blowout should ever happen. Run-flat tires are established technology at this point, so finding the right size and pair for your car should be a cinch.

Park Zone Precision Parking Aid: This handy gadget is dynamite for anyone who has a tight squeeze in the garage and wants to make sure his/her car bumpers remain pristine. Simply mount on the wall, and the indicator lights tell you when your car is just the right distance from the wall.

For more fun gift ideas, check out our ten essential gadgets for a road trip. What are you buying your favorite drivers this holiday season?


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