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Keep Track with Plymouth Rock Car Hacks

Last updated on November 6, 2019 at 12:36 pm

The Plymouth Rock Assurance quest to help you get the most out of your car is never done. When it comes to cleaning, organizing, and generally making that drive from point-A to point-B a little more comfortable, we have come up with a few ways to recycle that morning cycle…here are some everyday solutions for all of you green do-it-yourselfers looking for some efficiency in your morning commute!

Put a Lid on It
Last time, we encouraged you to get a garbage can to reduce the trash in the car. Here is a suggestion: try using a cereal container. It makes for a perfect garbage can because it comes with a lid and reduces the chance for extra spills.

If you are still looking for storage, and not for your trash, try tying a shoe holder to the back of the headrest. For smaller vehicles, you can use a tool belt.

Control Your Change
Tired of fumbling in your cup holder for that toll money each time you are on the Garden State Parkway? Do you enjoy watching change launch from the door handle each time you shut the car door?

Try using the bottom half of a water bottle or a gum container to give you easy access. Or, you can pre-separate and divide your money into a vitamin container. It is already broken down for daily use, and when your commute money is ready, just tape or velcro the container to your dashboard to give you extra mobility.

For Your Viewing Pleasure
If your backseat passengers are getting loud on the way to school, here is a tip to help mute your morning commute–try setting up a homemade car television. All you need is your phone, a zip-lock bag, and some zip ties. Secure the phone to the back of your headrest and procure a little bit of silence.

Weather the Elements
Whether it’s raining or just dark, cloudy headlamps can spell danger for all drivers. Instead of going to a mechanic to replace that foggy plastic, you can instead use toothpaste to polish it back to health. Afterwards, you can even use that toothpaste to get that scuff out of the bumper!

Eliminate the Stink
Sticking with the household alternatives, here is an option for the gym rats and soccer moms who are looking for a little nasal relief. Fight against those car odors by tucking dryer sheets under your car seats and next to the car air vents. This will give your car that fresh laundry smell and give you a fresh drive home!

What are some of your DIY car hacks?

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