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I Am a Victim of Auto Insurance Fraud: Now What?

Last updated on November 6, 2019 at 11:56 am

You’re not crazy. If it seems like you’ve just been intentionally drawn into a staged accident, you could be an auto fraud victim. If it seems like different people are coming and going from the other vehicle after an accident, it may not be your shocked state of mind playing tricks. If you’re approached by someone encouraging medical care in exchange for cash, you should be suspicious.

Auto insurance fraud is real and comes in many forms. We’ve dealt with each situation described above, and then some. In fact, a Plymouth Rock auto insurance customer recently reported that he witnessed another male driver flee from an accident while two females claiming to be the driver and passenger showed up at the scene before police arrived. The females claimed injuries and filed suit. Thanks to our customer’s report and statements from two other witnesses, we were able to identify this “Jump Out/Jump In” scam.

If you suspect any form of a scam, fraud, or abuse, trust your instincts and follow the tips below. Not only will you be protecting yourself, you will be fighting the rising costs of insurance premiums for everyone.

  • Report your suspicion as soon as possible.
    Whether you are involved or someone you know is involved, you can contact us anonymously at 855-FRAUDNJ. Plymouth Rock in NJ works closely with the New Jersey Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor to bring down individuals and crime rings involved in insurance fraud and abuse.
  • Take notes.
    Mental, written, photographs…whatever you can manage will help. At the scene of the accident, it is important to note all parties involved, the damage to each vehicle, and any other information you can gather. In the weeks and months following the accident, obtain detailed billing information for repairs and medical services. Get hold of contact information for any individuals that approach you offering any type of related services.
  • Be alert and consult your own doctor first.
    Some health care providers in New Jersey are teaming up with other professionals to put profits ahead of patients. Do not fall victim to unnecessary and potentially harmful medical treatment. Be especially wary of runners who may offer you money to visit a certain medical facility.

Remember, if you have any suspicion of insurance fraud, we’re here for you. Please call our anonymous tip line at 855-FRAUDNJ.

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