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How to Maintain and Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Last updated on November 18, 2019 at 11:21 am

Once leaves start falling faster than you can pick them up, it will soon be time to winterize your lawn mower for storage. Just like anything else, spending a little time now will pay off later. When springtime comes and your lawn is six inches high, you’ll want your lawn mower to fire up right away.

Plymouth Rock Assurance has suggestions to safely store and winterize your lawn mower. While doing any maintenance always put safety first and always follow instructions in your owner’s manual.

Before starting, be sure to disconnect your lawn mower’s spark plug so it cannot start while you’re working on it. If you’re not comfortable working on your lawn mower, consider using the services of a local small engine or lawn mower repair shop.

  1. Clean up. Brush or hose off the outside of your lawn mower. You don’t want bits of sticks, leaves and grass decomposing over the winter. Spray the underside of your mower to help remove some of the caked-on grass. Some manufacturers recommend running the lawn mower until it reaches its normal operating temperature to help it dry.
  2. Fuel down (or up). Allow your machine to run out of gas to drain the tank. Depending on the length of storage, you may be able to store your lawn mower with a full tank of gas that has fuel stabilizer added. Consult your operator’s manual for recommendations.
  3. Change parts and fluids. This may be a good time to change your lawnmower’s oil. Some manufacturers have specific recommendations based on operating hours, or yearly. You should also consider changing your mower’s air filter. That process will vary depending on the type of mower you have.
  4. Pick a storage spot. Always allow your lawn mower engine to cool before storing it. When it is, pick a well-ventilated spot away from open-flame sources like hot water heaters and furnaces (you can also read more of Plymouth Rock’s tips to prevent house fires). It is also best to avoid high-humidity spots. Avoid covering your mower with materials that can trap in moisture, like plastic.

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  1. Winterizing is one of those things that people tend to neglect. Many think that it’s fine to park their mower in the garage without any preparation beforehand. Thanks for the article!

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