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How to Sell Your Car: Resources

Last updated on November 6, 2019 at 11:29 am

The DMV’s website lists all possible car-selling iterations, from posting an ad online to throwing a sign on your front lawn. They also cover how to donate your car to the charity of your choice, as well as how to handle the bill of sale and other paperwork.

Looking for an upgrade once you sell? The DMV also has tips on buying a used car. You can search for a car’s VIN number on their site, too:

The car gurus on have a classic post (2003 = a thousand years ago in internet time) about 10 Steps to Selling Your Car that was updated this year. Tip #1? Know your market and determine demand for the make, model and year you’re trying to sell. Don’t undersell out of desperation. The market for used cars is arguably hotter than for new ones.

wikiHow promises in their post, “How to Sell Your Car Privately,” that if you stay focused and follow their advice, you’ll sell your car in a flash. Meanwhile, guess what? Their #1 piece of advice is the same as Edmunds—do your research to make sure you price your used car correctly. Kelley Blue Book and eBay are good places to start scoping out what’s hot, what’s not, and what local used car buyers in your area want.

Want to skip the bidding war on eBay and sell your car on Craigslist instead? Check out this CarsDirect article, “How to Sell a Car on Craigslist a Step by Step Guide.” Here are two more (quicker) reads: 5 Craigslist Power Selling Tips and Craigslist Cars: 7 Steps to Get There before the Vultures! (Actual title! A more appropriate title for Massachusetts readers would say seagulls instead of vultures.)

So…take lots of pictures, deep clean your car—in fact get your car professionally detailed (it’s worth the 50 bucks), then take a deep breath and be prepared to haggle.

Good luck!

Click here for more information about insurance in your state.

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